Notional Ecosystem Grants

Growing the Notional ecosystem will require contributions from community members with all different kinds of talents. This program will support contributions that range from smart contract development and technical research to educational content creation - and everything in between.

<aside> 🎩 Our goal is to widen the base of Notional contributors by getting more NOTE to the individuals and groups building on top of and/or supporting the Notional protocol. Let’s jump into the details!


Grant types

  1. Open bounties: These targeted grants have been identified as needed by the Notional team and range from from US$5k-100k. This list will be updated periodically, so be sure to check back often. Please copy and paste the bounty title from the notion board as the project name when submitting an application for that bounty.
  2. There are countless other useful grants that we’d love to see developed on Notional but that are not explicitly included in the bounty list. Funding for these grants is available and we encourage you to pursue those proposals.

How to apply for a grant:

If the requested grant is below 100k fill out this application form here (all open bounties will fall into this category).

If the requested grant is above 100k, please submit to the Notional governance channel as a first pass and then to the community governance forum for further deliberation.

Potential grant categories

We welcome your ideas and your own personal expertise - here are a few types of grants that we are actively requesting proposals for.

Grants Approval Process

Notional grants will be reviewed and awarded by the Notional grants committee. At the start of the program, the committee will be made up of the Notional core team members. As the protocol develops, the Notional core team will hand over some or all of the grant committee seats to prominent community members.

The grants committee will prioritize reviewing of grants that are listed on the bounty page followed by other submissions. Grant proposals will be evaluated based on 3 main factors:

  1. Alignment with the Notional vision