With the launch of Notional V2, we will start to hold monthly community calls. The community calls will be held via discord and meeting notes will be uploaded here within a few days after occurring. As time goes on and the Notional protocol is progressively decentralized, many work streams will emerge with their own community call and communication structure.

All Notional Community Call Notes

Date Topics Recording link Meeting Notes
10/25/22 Leveraged vaults capped beta launch NA https://wise-spy-474.notion.site/d30f641e7e9f4468bd982d20b380d086
3/25/22 Notional KPIs + new interest rate commentary newsletter, New Notional Blitz, Yearn and Index Coop partnerships, Notional IRL, $NOTE staking module walkthrough NA https://wise-spy-474.notion.site/1b3ef26b2b6940e598e07040884fd593
1/21/22 Q4 Market Update, New Notional Blitz, Notional scaling news, open bounties, staked note updates & much more! https://youtu.be/FWyPnQgl2yk https://wise-spy-474.notion.site/b1f29e8877f74f7a92a79e5a86181034
12/7/21 TVL updates, Nexus Mutual live, Commonwealth migration, Grants program + open bounties & more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dngfy-U9-dk https://www.notion.so/Community-Call-2-12-7-21-e3f3979dab1b4bb2b4fa8220f23e198e
11/15/21 TVL updates, new stats dashboard, nToken incentives issue, Layer 3, Nexus Mutual & Grants Program coming soon, & more https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5cSTT98knA&t=2s https://www.notion.so/11-15-21-Community-Call-1-0af58d3af92245069f8522d9390889b8